Le Bocage Marketplace Vendor Application

This application is for the June 2 & 3, 2023, market in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

 Le Bocage Marketplace June 2023

Application Tips & Expectations

This is a juried event, so please treat your application as seriously as you would a job application. We can only choose based on what information we are presented with, so please don't skimp on the details!


We also use the information you submit and photos for promoting and advertising your business, so include the best descriptions and photos possible.


We will be in touch via TEXT MESSAGE within 24 hours (business days only) once your application is submitted.


An INVOICE will be sent via email within 48 hours (business days only) of the text message if you've been selected for the market.


Payments must be made by MIDNIGHT the following day of receiving the invoice, so please only apply when you are READY to pay & have all necessary elements to make a complete application.


IF PHOTOS ARE NOT UPLOADING, try using a desktop/laptop instead of a phone and be sure you're using a solid web connection.


Applications MUST HAVE the following to be considered complete:

  1. A photo of signage
  2. Photo(s) of booth set-up & displays. If this is is your first event, we still need a mock set-up and/or explanation of your set-up plans.
  3. Close-up photos of products & packaging. NO stock photos.
  4. Solid description & list of products being brought to the market.
  5. Food vendors MUST provide proof of permits/certificates needed to run business.


Booth Options & Pricing

The Arena

The Arena is a very large, covered horse riding arena. The ground will be packed down dirt.
- 10'x10' Booth (1 open side) - $200.00
- 10'x10' Corner Booth (2 open sides) - $260.00 
- 10'x20' Endcap Booth (3 open sides) - $520.00 
** SECOND & THIRD 10'x10' Booth (1 open side) (additional $200 each) (select this ALONG WITH your booth choice to have a 10’x20’ booth BUT cannot be added to stable booths)
Le Bocage Marketplace Arena

The Stables

The Stables are open-air indoor stalls. There will be no sawdust or dirt, black mats will be laid down. 

- 12’x16’ Stable Booth A WITH Electricity- $330
The doors to the Stable Booth A stalls will be tied open. The stalls themselves are 12'x12', and you will have about 4' in front/outside of the stalls as well (we encourage vendors to use this space for a checkout table/counter).
Le Bocage Marketplace Stable Booth A
Le Bocage Marketplace Stable Booth A
- 12’x14’ Stable Booth B WITH Electricity - $330
Stable Booth B has a large opening but are not square, notice one corner is cut off. There are amazing windows/cutouts to the rest of the indoor facility perfect for displaying products!
Le Bocage Marketplace Stable Booth B
 Le Bocage Marketplace Stable Booth B

Food Truck & Mobile Vendor - $300

 must be completely self-sufficient, no electrical access available & will be outdoors, not parked under any covering
*availability may not be as stated above



If you have any questions about the application or our requirements, please contact us on our social media platforms or at lebocagemp@gmail.com.


Once you're ready to apply AND pay, click the link below!

Le Bocage Vendor Application